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Jag & Company offers fine bespoke tailored clothing exclusively for men. We take many intricate measurements of your body and our master tailors create custom tailor shirts and suits using these dimensions.
Tailored Dress shirts
Jag & Company offers various styles of dress shirts that are completely tailored for you and can be customized by you. The shirts are made from exquisite 100% Egyptian cotton.
Exquisite fabrics
Feel free to browse the catalogue of swatches we offer. We take pride in the variety of fabrics we have. These are imported from countries around the world with the majority from Italy.
Executive Dress Pants
Jag & Company offers dress pants that are perfect for all occasions. These can be worn to work on a daily basis and to your formal events, or even for a night out on the town
«Jag and Company» offers gentlemen custom made suits and shirts through the fine art of 
Bespoke tailoring. Bespoke tailoring incorporates the intricate measurement of your 
body, exquisite fabric selection and stylistic feature selection. 

Essential elements of our service include our experienced tailors, expert knowledge of 
fabrics and materials and exceptional customer service in order that that the final 
garment is made for you and only you. 

The mark of a Bespoke suit leaves a lasting impression and cannot be matched.